Passion for His Craft

Hardwood floor refinished

Passion for His Craft

Clients Hire Us Because of the Passionate Commitment to Excellence Our Refinisher Has About His Craft

Our refinisher insists on perfection and treats every one as if it were his own home. This reputation has driven many clients to us. Recently a Mt. Laurel client reveals we weren’t the least expensive, but chose us. What is the phrase? Quality, Price and Service, Pick Two! You Can’t have all three.

Unfortunately, hardwood floor refinishing estimates can be all over the place, and for a consumer it can be really, really, really hard to tell what you are getting for what you are spending. Price alone is a scary basis to make your decision. Speed is also a scary benchmark in committing. What are you getting for what you are spending can be hard to vet through. How can attention to detail stand out on a piece of paper?  Likewise how can commitment to provide results be measured when staring at the bottom line? And the forgotten thought of a preferred service experience, that has all but disappeared? (Last 3 customers were amazed, as the project progressed they became enlightened, pleased, then thrilled- but how does a company convey that to a prospect?)

The bottom line might be black and white, the big guy’s name might be familiar, but are they the driving reasons to invest thousands of dollars? Might it be worth it to “get in to the weeds,” dive in to the details, listen, learn, do some serious vetting. We think so, and so did these prospective clients.

One quick call, with PPE and Covid19 protocol, we responded during lock down.

Our estimate was competitive, but not the least expensive. But as we reviewed our project with our prospective clients Wendy mentioned a couple of key points about our team. She mentioned that our lead sander loves, loves, loves to refinish hardwood floors. He strives for perfection each and every job. And, he treats it like he were refinishing his own floors.

When asked if we worked weekends, Wendy said yes. Our sander takes one day off a week. He dislikes being off more than that, which is good because often hardwood floor refinishing often takes 5 days or more. So typically the home is disrupted over a weekend in addition to the work week. And since it is an invasive process homeowners tend to prefer that you will work on a Saturday to keep the progress going.

But what tipped the scales for these particular customers was when Wendy said our lead sander is not in it for the money. The absolute most rewarding moment for our sander is when he turns the home back over to the homeowners once his work is complete. When he sees how the customers react when they see how beautiful their floors are, that is what makes it all worth while for him! (In fact former bosses constantly try to hire him back, but he refuses—refinishing hardwood floors means too much to him, so he commonly and discreetly says “No Thank You!)

We thank our lucky stars to have such a dedicated and happy employee. We know we offer outstanding workmanship and a superior service experience. We just wish we could clone him (lol!)

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If you are looking for a beautiful hardwood refinishing job, then we respectfully suggest you call us. We follow industry standards, have the best equipment our industry has to offer, and strive for perfection each and every job we are entrusted with. These qualities don’t stand out on a piece of paper, they are communicated first by the estimating team, perhaps then by visiting our hardwood floor case studies (pictures before and after of our work), website and validated once we are given the chance to prove ourselves Call us at (972) 905-1278 or contact us online.