Instructions For Newly Refinished Hardwood Floors

Newly refinished hardwood floor

Instructions For Newly Refinished Hardwood Floors

Immediate and On-going Instructions For Wood Floor Care Once They Have Been Refinished

  • Do not reset any area rugs for 14-18 days
  • Do not use any cleaners for a period of 2-3 weeks, including water
  • Never use popular oil soaps, nor wax, acrylic, polish or carnauba shine restoring products
  • Do NOT use any type of steamer type mops on  the hardwood- hot steam will violate or blow the finish & cause a’milky’ness’, that will have to be corrected
  • Large dogs over 50 lbs and smaller highly energized dogs over 12 lbs
  • If your dog is either of the above aforementioned, we recommend keeping the pet off the floors entirely for 10 days, or if that cannot be avoided, we recommend installing a “Ramboard™” protective sheeting on the floor, to be kept down for 10 days. Not Tarps or plastic, it needs to be breathable. (NOTE: Install with blue tape, but not tape should be affixed to the floor. Affix tape from board to board, or from board to trim or vertical surface only. ADHESIVE WILL PULL OFF THE NEW FINISH)
  • If you will have other contracting or movers moving you in we recommend installing the same protected “Ramboard™” – with the same installation instructions as above.
  • We recommend a Bona™ style micro-fiber dust mop or vacuum with a soft bristle brush or wand with a felt protected shoe
  • We recommend Squeaky™ Floor Cleaner, by Basic Coatings which we stock & can get you. It is best to avoid shine restoring products, some of which can limit what we can offer next time you need a little TLC. (some can adversely affect the finish)
  • Minimize street shoe traffic, socks, inside shoes or booties better (at first, but not a bad idea on an on-going basis)
  • Do not wear hi heels as a habit, they will dimple & damage floor resulting in the need to sand & refinish
  • No bare feet for at least 7 days (on water based finishes)
  • Avoid rolling wheels- toys, suitcases, etc.
  • Get in the habit of lifting, not dragging chairs, stools, etc.
  • Place protectors under feet of furniture- use felt ones with good adhesive, or rubber cup styled ones, inspect often
  • If direct sun affects your wood, which we corrected, you may want to consider window treatments or window tinting
  • Use exterior track off mats at entry points, after 30 days place them inside as well. Wipe feet- “6 lefts & 6 rights” to rid sand, dirt & soils
  • Clean up any water spills, pet urine, plant water or major spills asap
  • If you experience water damage on your wood contact us so we can assist you in avoiding cupping damage (distortion of the wood)
  • Mostly we use Dura Seal Quick Coat™ Stains (a short lived odor), and Poly Whey™, a natural based coating system. They don’t any nasty VOC issues. There is little smell, perhaps of baking. Very, very rarely a mild smell may become accentuated, near pilot lighted appliances, but is of no harm.


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