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Interior Surface Care: Why Rearranging Furniture Matters

When it comes to interior surface care, there are actually quite a few benefits associa...

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How Sealers Protect Your Stone

Stone countertops, continually exposed to oily or dye-containing substances, are subjec...

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Paper Rugs Are a Problem

There are rugs on the market today, some very expensive, that are made of paper. They a...

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Is It Really Granite?

Some natural stones that are definitely not granite are being sold as if they were. Her...

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Carpet Beetle Prevention

If you've noticed thin, bare areas on carpets or rugs made with wool or silk, you likel...

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Tips To Remove Stains From Bird Droppings

Learn how to clean up bird droppings on natural stone, remove the stains that may persi...

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Carpet Owner’s Puppy Potty Training Tips

Puppy potty training is a special challenge for carpet owners. Here are some quick tips...

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Getting Rid of Streaks on Natural Stone

Streaking is a cloudy, uneven pattern on the surface of natural stone floors. This arti...

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Why Carpet Is Great For Kids & Teens

If you have kids or teenagers, then you've probably heard some well-intended but misgui...

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Common Tile Cleaning Mistakes

Read this article to learn about cleaning methods that can cause an unsightly appearanc...

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How To Speed Up Carpet Drying

After professional cleaning, it's important to dry carpets as quickly as possible. Humi...

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Considerations for Mixed Stone Installations

Here's what you need to know if you currently have or are considering more than one typ...

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